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Epoxy adhesion to substrate is good

2018-05-14 15:06:00

The finished product quality of wood grain board has a close relationship with its production process, such as the selection of raw materials, the selection of topcoat primer and the selection of coating, in order to more effectively improve the availability of painted board, in the production can not ignore some details.
1. Different primers have different adhesion, toughness and corrosion resistance. Epoxy has good adhesion to the substrate, high corrosion resistance, but not as tough as other primers. Polyester has good bonding ability with base, excellent toughness, but not as corrosion resistance as epoxy. Polyurethane is a comprehensive primer. The primer is usually selected by the supplier according to the production process, application, corrosive environment, and the matching relationship with the topcoat.
2. Different types of topcoats differ in hardness, flexibility, adhesion, durability, etc. Polyester is currently the largest use of paint, general durability, hardness and toughness, moderate price. Silicon-modified polyester has high durability, luster and color retention, but slightly reduced toughness, and high weather-resistant polyester has high cost performance.

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